textiles you cant stop touching


We create bold color-changing textiles for home and fashion. Tachi Tachi patterns dynamically change between two or more states. When exposed to their specific triggers - either the sun, water or heat - they react instantly, connecting the wearer and the viewers to their immediate contexts.


Tachi Tachi textiles are bipolar. No we are not. Yes, they are. Like every one of us, they play their best poker face, but deep down, they are touchy, thin skinned and feel at extremes; no half-hearted measures. Tachi Tachis are fully connected to the moment and change color instantly depending on the sun, the rain and the heat. There is no hiding from it. They are classy, but bold and honest. Oh, thank you for that. You are welcome. Tachi Tachis take life seriously, but most of the time, they understand the need to laugh at oneself to carry on. Why hide sensitivity? Being bold and frank with your inner self, that’s what makes it worthwhile, no? Hiding generates fakes. Yes, we agree. Tachi Tachis have a life of their own. It’s true, we do. You wear them like a second skin that connects you to the instant and makes you interact with your environment. They trigger a direct dialogue with your immediate surroundings. They make you see things - and yourself - differently. Tachi Tachis open a door to the real thing. Whether you want to see or not. Are you ready? Yes, we are. Not you! Them.